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Layer Origin Nutrition PureHMO® Product Guide

April 30, 2022 2 min read

Layer Origin Nutrition PureHMO® Product Guide - Layer Origin Nutrition

Layer Origin Nutrition

Collection 1: Restore Your Gut Microbiome

PureHMO® Super Prebiotic Powder (Foundation & Maintenance):

  • Boosts Bifidobacteria — the foundational species for the gut microbiome
  • Supports immune and gut health
  • Supports cognitive function
  • 2000 mg/serving (up to 5000 mg); which feeds 200 billion (up to 500 Billion) CFU of good bacteria

PureHMO® Tri-Prebiotic Powder (Resilience):

  • Boosts the diversity of good bacteria (Bifidobacteria, Lactobacillus, Lactococcus, Faecalibacterium, Akkermansia, et al)
  • Builds residence for the gut microbiome
  • Supports regularity, energy, immunity, and digestion
  • 4400 mg/serving; which feeds 440 billion CFU of probiotics 

PureHMO® IBS Support Powder (IBS):

  • Designed to reclaim proper microbiome balance
  • Clinically proven to improve IBS symptoms   
  • 2 HMOs, 5000 mg/serving which feeds 500 billion CFU of probiotics

PureHMO® Prebiotic Capsules (Capsuled PureHMO®):

  • Convenient for travel — quickly pop capsules with a glass of water
  • Plant-based capsules with no synthetic flow aids (silica, magnesium stearate etc.) 

PureHMO® Synbiotic Capsules (Prebiotic + Probiotic):

  • Quickly boosts the beneficial bacteria in the gut
  • 10 strains, 40 billion CFU probiotics (Bifidobacteria & Lactobacillus)
  • 1000 mg HMO, which feeds 100 billion CFU bacteria  

Collection 2: HMO Flavored and Boosted by Super Foods

HMO flavored with Raw wheat grass and Strawberry Red Berries

PureHMO® Super Prebiotic Powder with Organic Raw Wheatgrass   

  • HMO, Inulin (FOS) + Raw Wheatgrass
  • 8000 mg/serving (4000 mg prebiotic)
  • Feeds 400 billion CFU of good bacteria

PureHMO® Super Prebiotic Powder with Organic Strawberry and Raspberry  

  • HMO, Inulin (FOS) + Strawberry + Raspberry
  • Red polyphenols
  • 8000 mg/serving (4000 mg prebiotic)
  • Feeds 400 billion CFU of good bacteria

Collection 3: Red Fibers and Polyphenols (Used with HMO)

Simple Reds – Organic Whole Red Super Foods Powder

  • Five organic red super foods
  • Use with PureHMO® prebiotic or PureHMO® Tri-Prebiotic for best results
  • Feeds good bacteria in the gut

Organic Apple Peel Powder

  • Use with PureHMO® prebiotic or PureHMO® Tri-Prebiotic for the gut reset protocol
  • Feeds Akkermansia Muciniphila and other good bacteria
  • Very rich in antioxidants
  • Good fiber source and phytonutrients (pectin, ursolic acid etc.) 

BranPure Concentrated Oat Bran Powder

  • Super concentrated with soluble oat fiber: beta-glucan
  • Aids with food digestion and bowel movements
  • Helps with cholesterol and heart health
  • Feeds good bacteria in the gut

Collection 4: Gut & Immune 

PureHMO® Immune Powder with Vitamin C + D + Zinc

  • HMO acts as a decoy, fights against pathogens
  • Contains Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc to further boost immunity
  • Feeds good bacteria & defends against bad bugs

PureHMO® + Colostrum Powder

  • Contains rich antibodies in the colostrum
  • Removes bad bacteria in the gut (like removing weeds in your lawn)
  • Creates a friendly gut environment for good bacteria to grow

Collection 5: Gut & Skin 

PureHMO® Beauty Mix Powder

  • HMO + Hyaluronic acid + Collagen peptides
  • Activates the gut-skin connection
  • Good for skin, hair, nails

Collection 6: HMO for Kids 

PureHMO® for Kids Powder 

  • Two types of HMOs: 2’-FL + LNnt (2'-Fucosyllactose and Lacto-n-Neotetraose)
  • Feeds the good bugs in the child's gut 
  • Supplies key nutrients for brain development
  • For children over 12 months old 



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