What is Max Bloc Carb Blocker? 

Carb Blocker is traditionally known as white kidney bean extract. Max Bloc Carb Blocker is a proprietary carb-blocking protein extracted from Phaseolus Vulgaris beans using a patent-pending and a patented technology. Max Bloc Carb Blocker has superior carb-blocking efficiency. It is used for weight control, keto diet, and healthy blood sugar. 

How does Max Bloc Carb Blocker work?

Max Bloc Carb Blocker can block one of the starch digestion enzymes in the small intestines: alpha-amylase. This prevents the starch from being digested and reduces the amount of glucose/calories being generated and absorbed by your body. The undigested starch simply passes through the large intestines and is excreted, much like undigested fiber. You can also check out our Science page to learn more.

Is Max Bloc Carb Blocker clinically tested?

Yes, Max Bloc Carb Blocker is clinically tested and can reduce up to 26.2% of glycemic index of your meals. The development of Max Bloc Carb Blocker was inspired by clinical studies from the Mayo Clinic.

Is Max Bloc produced in USA?

Yes, Max Bloc Carb Blocker is produced in a FDA-inspected, GMP facility in the USA. The USDA #1 grade beans were sourced from farms in the Midwest to support U.S. farmers.

Is there any difference between Max Bloc and White Kidney Bean Extract?

Max Bloc Carb Blocker is the first and only brand with 10X the carb-blocking power and zero toxic lectins as compared to traditional non-concentrated products.

Can I get the same benefits from cooked or canned beans?

No, the cooking or canning process denatures all the carb-blocking proteins.

Do I have to take Max Bloc Carb Blocker before meals?

It is recommended to take our protein mix 10-15 minutes before meals and our capsules 20-30 minutes before meals. It takes time for the protein to attach to starch digestion enzymes and block them.The recommendation is based on strict testing in our laboratories and scientific data from Mayo Clinic proceedings.

Why do other carb blockers or white kidney bean extract supplements not have the 20-30 minute rule? 

Our recommendation is based on strict testing in house and scientific data from Mayo Clinic Proceedings. The carb-blocking protein shows the highest carb-blocking power if taken 10-30 minutes before a meal. Traditional carb-blocking products on the market use third-party ingredients without the capacity to fully test and research the carb blocker in house and make the right recommendations. 

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