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Great product!

Better than most probiotics I have tried. It’s my 9th bottle.

Great tasting prebiotic powder!

The PureHMO® Super Prebiotic - Red Berries - Strawberry Raspberry is the easiest way to create a healthy gut biome and feed the right bacteria. It has a tasty berry flavor that can easily be added to water, juice, and/or yogurt! Highly recommend!

These products make a difference

My functional nutritionist has me using these powders in my gut healing smoothie every morning. I have noticed an improvement in bloating and the most regular bowel movements I’ve ever had.


I’ve been using this product for over 6 months. It dissolves easily in my homemade kefir and tastes delicious.

Love the simple reds!

I absolutely love everything about the Simple Reds! I definitely noticed a bump in my gut health when I added these into the gut protocol. I’m so thankful for clean and effective supplements that WORK!!

I’m happy with the product

I am a FUT2 non-secretor. In less than a month, this product has helped tremendously.

Just started the superHMO. A little too soon to feel much of a difference. I have been taking the original HMO for several months. My body is processing food like it should now. Eliminating regularly throughout the day with normal stools. No more IBS I also eat fermented food each day to help my gut bio. It takes awhile to correct a bad gut and I have. I am trying the super HMO to help my aging brain. Just correcting my gut makes my mind sharper so I imagine this will be a bonus too. I’m glad I found this product.

One of a kind product

So far, so good. I'm thankful that Layer Origin is the only company offering these HMOs and I hope they release more down the line.

Noticing an improvement

I've only been using this for a few weeks but I've noticed an improvement in abdominal pain.

Second time I have purchased!

Great products and have helped my stomach greatly!

Subtle strength

I started with the single oligosaccharides for 2 months and then took the triple prebiotic powder. Now I'm taking the 5 types of oligosacharides. On my second container. Each month I noticed improved digestion, less bloating and acid reflux and my stool eliminations increased in size. I have the sense that my bowels are liking this product! I am slowly feeling stronger and more energetic. As a senior citizen, the improvements come a bit slower than with a younger person, but they are there!

Miracle compared to the 100 other things I've tried

My whole family is using this from 2months of age to 44 years and everyone is noticing rapid improvement in health and energy. My diverticulitis/IBS is nearly resolved which is the miracle because I've tried 100 products with limited success. Our family will likely use this product for the rest of our lives.

Top notch!

I love this product because you are not only getting the HMO’S , but collagen and hyaluronic acid! Perfect beauty blend!


This really helped after antibiotics!

Apple peel powder!

So excited to find this product after reading Joel Greene’s book, the Immunity Code. I have just started the protocol bc I’m wanting to improve my gut health. The apple peel powder is so much more economical than purchasing all the apples that I won’t eat. I haven’t tried the rest off the bundle yet, bc I’m only on day 2. I’m so excited to see what will happen once I incorporate the HMOs!!

Constipation solution

Gave me a little more gas initially than the other HMO prebiotic powered but body adapted in 2-3 days.

Too premature to see all benefits but this with GI doctor recommended single dose of Miralax has cured my chronic constipation and reduced silent reflux.

Awesome bundle!! Apple peel powder is easy to take and tastes good! 🍎

I am currently on the apple peels powder protocol and gradually working up on it! I believe it's making a difference in my health! I notice less reactions from foods that usually give me issues!! Very encouraging. Excited to eventually try the HMO's and red phenol powder! So far, so good!

Thank you, Layer Origin!

Great product!

This product was recommended for my 20 month year old son after completing a tiny health gut test, as a way to build up his immunity and improve his overall gut health. I liked the product so much that I decided to use it for my four year old as well, who has struggled with constipation since infancy. This product has done wonders! He is having BMs consistently at least every other day, if not every day. Very thankful for this product!

Great results

I have been taking HMO’s, apple peels, and simple reds for a month and have had great results. Better digestion, less bloating, easier bowel movements. Definitely recommend!

No more sugar cravings

I’ve been taking these for a little over a month and no longer have sugar cravings! And I ALWAYS had sugar cravings. Gonna order more soon!

Works !

Good quality supplement , effective for helping digestive issues.

The Best

Works better than anything else. Tried so many other remedies and this was the first that brought relief after 2 years of IBS. Very thankful to have found this.

apple peel powder

We use the powder in our kefir smoothies daily and it seems to be supportive in the digestive process

Great product

I don’t want to be without it!