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Mixes well. Pleasantry sweet. Part of my daily routine.

The best

Es lo mejor que he consumido

Works for me

Greatly improves my IBS, and it's convenient and painless to take.

You get results!

Speaking honestly, I was not sure about adding this powder to the two I was already taking. I thought about the cost and wondered if I would see any new changes. I was really hoping to be able to consume some dairy products again, mainly cottage cheese. After adding this two the prebiotic and polyphenol powders - I am very happy to say I can indeed eat cottage cheese again. This product seems like the missing piece to the gut puzzle. Very pleased with the quality of product and professionalism of the company. I have not been sick since consuming these powders. And I have been around numerous viruses.

Hands down the best prebiotic

Because of this product, along with two other Layer Origin products, I can eat cottage cheese again!! My gut feels so incredibly healthy. Do yourself a favor, take the quiz and then buy their recommended products. I have not been sick since taking these products. High quality product and I actually experience the results on a daily basis - through the food I can now eat and how energized I feel.

My gut has been transformed

I know this is subjective information. Before taking this product, in combination with two other Layer Origin products, my gut was sensitive. I had to be careful about what I ate, no diary at all - or else a miserable stomach ache, cramping, bloating would unfold. I would get sick if I was around other people who were sick. I can now eat cottage cheese, raw cheese and ghee. I do not fret over a little butter here and there. It's given me more freedom, less stress and a very healthy gut. I've been around all kinds of viruses - I have not gotten sick (knock on wood, haha!). I feel very energized and promoted to eat good quality food.

Can really feel the difference

Have been using it for 3 weeks now and definitely noticed more energy, less gut irritability issues, and a more relaxed and calm demenear. Will continue monitoring my progress but so far I'm very pleased

Helping my gut

This product paired with a bifidobacterium bacteria probiotic is really helping my gut!

Good Product

It works well. Mixes nicely, No taste.

Even more HMO's

As I don't naturally produce 2'FL, I'm sure I don't have much if any of the others now in this product. Glad to see you've added even more HMO's along w probiotics in one product.


This has been a game-changer for my toddler's gut health. She struggled with intermittent constipation until we found this product, and it has also helped reduce her eczema flares. We have completed stool analyses pre- and post-intervention, and the results suggest it is really working. We mix it in a little apple juice and water and she takes it down, no problem.

Easy and effective

This mixes very easily and is tasteless. It has helped with constipation and skin health. I will be continuing indefinitely.

It works

This works to help gut distress.

Good for gut distress

I've been using for a while. It has helped get my gut to feel better, especially after Covid.

Easy to use! 🥛 Tastes great flavor Water 😃

I really like how easy this is to use and I am feeling really good since adding this to my daily regimen! Let's see if my weight drops!! Update coming soon!!

No issues

Probiotics can be problematic, but the right strains are helpful with SIBO and other autoimmune issues. No negative issues from this and it has a very beneficial prebiotic.

Great taste

I bought this on the recommendations of Donna Schwenk and I add it to my yogurt and kefir daily. I’ve only been using it for a month so I can’t speak for any noticeable benefits yet. But I do enjoy the flavor quite a bit. It sweetens my kefir which helps with not having to add any sweetener. I will continue using it for a couple months to see how it treats me.

Great Stuff

I have been on antibiotics dure to dental work and this has helped greatly with gut issues.
Thanks for a great product.

Waiting to see

So far so good. I like that it mixes easily into anything. Haven’t yet it long enough yet to notice any difference or noticeable benefits.

It works

It works, definitely is rich in antioxidants and positively impacts my digestion and GI.

I would recommend it over plenty other fiber powders I’ve tried in the past, if not all of them


This stuff is amazing. Couldn’t find anything similar elsewhere!

Enjoy the taste

Wasn't a fan of the taste at first, but now it is delicious. Also gives me the added boost I need towards being more regular. I can tell a difference since I have been drinking kefir with HMOs and apple peel powder. I have told several people about it as well.

My gut was completely messed up for months after having an emergency appendectomy with complications.

A friend recommended taking this with a probiotic, and it has made all the difference! Highly recommend!

Simple Reds have changed my life! I put a scoop in my milk kefir protein shake and after just one week I have more energy than I know what to do with and I feel HEALTHIER! The taste is a winner, too!