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My goodness, I’m delighted to have found this product and this company, and have been raving about it to family and friends. I have had, for the last couple years had terrible stomach pains/flatulence/food intolerance, which has been incapacitating. I had made my own kombucha, sauerkraut and kimchi, and I tried everything else I could get my hands on, like various commercial pre and probiotics, beano, lactaid, digestive bitters, Gas-x, Maalox, etc etc etc all to no avail. I was looking at maybe just eating cereal and plain toast the rest of my life because I could no longer digest all of my favorite foods (or any foods really). But when I read the research on the purehmo it made sense — the science behind it. I started it last Thursday. I do not wake up anymore with horrible stomach pains and gas in the morning!!! How amazing to find something to relieve my suffering. Thank you!!! And I especially love that you all utilize a 400 acre organic farm for growing and synthesizing ingredients. Consider me a devoted customer.

Love the beauty mix!

Perfect mix to also improve hair, nails and skin. I will be reordering!

Organic Apple Peel Powder
Danielle Gardner
Apple peel powder

Wonderful product and company. Pure ingredients without added fillers and junk. I love this product and will continue to purchase. Thank you;)

So far so good

Blends well in protein shake. Flavor pretty neutral. Works well with my stomach.

Great !

Great tasing prebiotic with HMO .

Gut healing

I am taking this to help get rid of mold in my digestive tract. It may take awhile, but I’m going to keep taking it.


Pleased with results!! Great product!

Definitely works

HMO with DDS-1 helped with IBS symptoms on the very first day. I take it with water or even in my coffee. You can tell the difference every day. Maybe not a cure for all causes, but makes life so much easier with symptoms almost gone.

Better digestion

I don't know if it's the placebo effect or if it's for real - but in either case, it worked! =)

Wonderful Addition

I have been using HMO at least 6 months and my gut health has greatly improved. I was hoping to find a product like this and I believe I have now. Thank you!!

It works

I can feel the gut working after taking this and the HM powder. 🙌😎

Improved gut

I started with the Pure HMO powder and saw a difference, but then switched to the IBS formula suggested to me when ai called into support and that is helping me so much. Healing is slow but steady and takes time.

Starting to Work

I’ve had trouble going to the washroom for years. I’ve tried many things. Now after two weeks, of taking HMO’s, I feel things are settling into a nice pattern. I’m also making my own bifidus yogurt. I mix it in there. I love that the powder is tasteless. I was surprised about that, too. I like the powder better but capsules are good for travelling.

So far, so good

I started taking this product after reading Joel Greene's book, the Immunity Code. Not sure if I notice a difference in my gut yet, may take more time. I ordered two jars so that I could give it a chance. I think so far my hair, including my eye lashes, seems to be healthier. Perhaps I'll do an updated review once I've at least finished one jar.
Otherwise, tasteless, mixes well into just water, quite a few servings per jar, although expensive when ordering from Canada.


I love the pure HMO , it’s helped me so much recover from SIBO and just general gut imbalances. Everything I ate used to bloat me out to nine months pregnant and now that I’ve consistently been taking the HMO powder that RARELY happens. It’s also helped my bowel movements be so much more consistent. This is an awesome product, I highly encourage everyone to try it!

Great product

Great product which dilute very easy in water :-) Faster shipping than expected too.
Can recommend it!

Helpful for IBS

Had a major flare of IBS but only after a few days symptoms improved. Prompt international delivery also

Just like the label says: Simple Reds!!

This is the best Red Polyphenols I had! The other brands may have other reds in them and many of them with an artificial after taste. Not to mention they are all sweet with either stevia or fruit monk.. This one has nothing but organic fruits and that's it!!

Keeps things moving!

I have been very happy with Pure HMO synbiotic. I am on medication that is extremely constipating and Pure HMO has been instrumental in helping my digestive system work properly. It has definitely been helpful with inflammation and my ability to move in the morning. In short, it's a wonderful addition to my health care regime for both mobility and motility. Thank you!

Helps with my IBS

I’ve had to live with IBS and constipation for many years until I found out about HMO prebiotics. I’ve been taking it for about 7 months now and it has changed my digestive system for the better and I love this product! I read that drinking kefir milk helps with constipation but it did not for me until added HMO in my kefir and wow! I now have soft daily stools and my IBS is a thing of the past. I also feel healthier and have more energy too. I will never stop taking this wonderful product!

It’s working!

This is the only product I’ve tried that has actually made a difference with my IBS. I’m so glad I found it!


The 2'-FL pure HMO is a great product, but this combination of 2'-FL, LNnT and DDS-01 acidophilus is next level. Even if you don't have IBS and just want to reset your microbiome, this is an exceptional product.

Been on this six days

Been on this six days and just added HMO yesterday. So far so good.

Red Beet Root Powder
Kris Hughes
Have not started it yet

Have not started it yet. I am on the 20 day but look forward to a gut reboot with all three

Hard to review since I've only taken it one day

Hard to review since I've only taken it one day