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Looking forward to a healthy gut

Although I haven’t started with my hmo I look forward to a healthy gut

Upgrade Your Smoothie

This tastes great added to my smoothie and I feel well fed. My morning smoothie leaves me feeling satiated till mid afternoon when I started using thi.

Good stuff

The taste certainly takes getting used to but the results aren’t disputable.


Great product, noticeable difference.


Amazing against SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth)!

Great products!

Great products! I no longer have food cravings or bloating. Will continue to use. Thanks.

Quality product

A little speedy but feels like a quality product. The latest sale was very helpful. We must have access to these products so we can improve our health. Thank you

Great product

Bought this after reading a pub med study on HMO’s ability to alter the adult microbiome. I have a profoundly Autistic son with a very bad gut. Problem was he would not eat or drink any medication, pre/pro biotic because he could taste it. With this product we have had no refusal and it mixes great into his water. I am hopeful we will see a difference in his next gut test and will review again.

Love this stuff

Take daily, noticeable improvements in many body functions. It works to solidify my gut health.

Really like it , easy way to get your berries

I like the taste & it does give me more energy then I have had in quite sometime. I love it.

Great addition for gut health

I started taking Pure HMO upon my nutritionists recommendation. After doing a lot of work to clear out infections and reintroduce good bacteria and address my gut dysbiosis, this has been a good addition to help me maintain the gains I have made. I started off with a 1/4 tsp and have worked up to a full scoop and never had any side effects. I now take daily along with my other probiotics. I love that it dissolves super quick and is tasteless.

Hoping for continued improvements

I've only been using Simple Reds, along with SuperHMP Prebiotics for about a week now, but I am seeing some improvements. Hopefully it's helping to heal my gut.

So far, so good

I've only been using SuperHMO Prebiotic, along with Super Reds, for about a week, but I've already stated having daily BM's. Thanks heavens!

Effective product

Since taking layer origin prebiotic powder I've noticed my gut feels more stable, this is in addition to the probiotic pill I take daily. So far so good, only time will tell.

Great, Simple Red Polyphenols

I love the simplicity of this Red powder. Rather than miniscule amounts of hundreds of ingredients, you get meaningful amounts of fewer ingredients. I also appreciate there is no non-caloric sweeteners. My body doesn't handle non-sugar sweeteners (including stevia and monk fruit), so I love having an option that's just straight produce!

Great experience so far

Got this after taking a gut health test and realizing the importance of having a prebiotic in my supplement regimen. This is so easy to use and I can’t wait to see how it benefits my gut moving forward!

Great results

I was impressed by how quickly my digestion improved when I started taking this along with Simple Reds, and kefir in my morning shake!


When I started using this, I was amazed at how my digestion quickly responded in a good way!

SO far SO good

I have just added the REDS powder to the regime and am very optimistic. I have a genetic predisposition to low diversity, so looking forward to a follow up microbiome mapping test in 6 months to see if how I feel is reflected in the test. Will re-order for sure.

ALL the good "GUT" Feels....

I have only just added this to the apple fibre as per the 20 day gut reset, so not sure it the benefits are the fibre or this product or the combination, but I have got a "gut" feeling that this is the biotic I've been looking for. Will definitely order again.


I have tried pretty much every fibre available to optimise my sluggish gut and my genetic propensity for low diversity. I felt the difference within 2 days with this product. Smooth, completely satisfying poop and no gas or discomfort. Will be re-ordering for myself and my patients for sure. I pop it into some yoghurt or a smoothie so no issues with mixing.

Excellent Prebiotic!

Amazing positive effects right away! More energy, feeling better. Taste great ,light apple favor.Mix according to their directions.Make a slurry first, water or say Kefir then add more liquid. Apple peel powder is very easy on the system . I'm implementing the Joel Greene's Immunity Code protocol.Love Layer Origin Prebiotics, I wish your prebiotics were the first ones I had tried. Other ones did not create a very positive experience. They went to the trash can, a lot money wasted.

Tastes Great

No issues with this product but I just started taking it. Hoping to improve my akkermansia.

1st order

Too soon to know impact, BUT so far so good. Very easily dissolved in yogurt or juice, so easy and pleasant to take. No negative effects after 7 days.