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Nice taste

Tastes pretty good and mixes well with my yogurt

I won't be buying the product again, as I

I'm not really noticing any definite difference and it would be overly optimistic to say that this product is the direct cause of any change anyway. I think I could have just eaten some bifidium cultured yogurt and probably had the same outcome - kind of nothing discernible. But maybe the product works gang buster miracles for other folks and they can say on these reviews with absolute certainty that this was a great investment in their health. I

Great product

This product has been great for me. I have a depleted gut due to years of infections and this product has been the 2nd step in rebuilding.

Highly Recommended Product by my Nutritionist

Sadly, I've been under the weather since purchasing the item, but I've been putting my half scoop in my matcha every morning and I've been regular despite being sick. I trust my Nutritionist fully, and she highly recommended this company / product. I know its the good stuff.

Tastes Great

Simple Reds is a great product to add to smoothies or beverages. There are no sweeteners of any kind in this product which is a bonus for me. Simple Reds tastes great and mixes easily. I highly recommend

Love that it’s organic!

I’ve started using it adding to my
L-reuteri smoothie. I love the taste and beginning to notice a decrease in my stomach issues. I will buy again.

great stuff!

Simple reds tastes wonderful mixed in warm water in the am and I know it's feeding the beneficial gut buddies along the way! enjoy

Tastes like nothing!

I can’t speak to its efficacy, but this was recommended to me by my doctor, and it is the MOST easily mixed, tasteless powder supplement I have ever tried. And I have tried a LOT.

Best products!

I have been using these three supplements for a couple of months, and I feel a lot more energized. My gut is thankful for the support of these probiotics.

Great so far

Have been using for a week… it has already helped me with regularity and energy! Will do another review when I have taken for longer!

Simple Reds

Simple reds is so easy to use. Mixes super easy with only a shaker bottle and in any liquid even with other powders.No clumping at all. Best of all it tastes great!

Best fiber out there!

IBD'er here with just a j-pouch. This has been an almost life changing fiber supplement for me. J-pouchers do great with water binding fibers and this one works great w/o causing gas. Unfortunately, although I think they make so much sense, HMO's cause me much gas (as do any probiotics) but I feel only due to my modified digestive tract. Psyllium is a great binder but again, can cause alot of gas and ugh to get it down w/o choking. I purchased this on a whim when I first tried LO's HMO and noticed a difference right away. I mix it with pure saccromeyces granules and boom...amazing function and tastes great too. Really can't be without this. I tried making my own from apple peels, trust me, this is a much better deal ;-0

Newer customer

This is our second order of the prebiotic powder. I am giving it to my autistic child. I believe it is helping her gut issues. Shipping has been prompt, and price is better than what we have tried before.

PureHMO® IBS Support with DDS-01 Probiotic

Helped me lose a few pounds! What a wonderful surprise!

Clean and Effective Product

Simple Reds powder is as clean as it gets!! No sweeteners or any fillers like some of the other reds polyphenols powder I have tried. I use energy testing methods and this tests as a huge priority for my body. Its perfect as an add to my smoothies! Very happy with this and all the products especially the HMO prebiotic from Layer Origin! 😊

Great product

I’m adding this daily to my smoothies. What a great and easy way to get fruits in. I will be definitely keeping this in stock.

Apple Peel Powder

I've been adding Apple Peel to my yogurt smoothies in the morning to help with gut repair. I stir it in before I add any other ingredients so that it mixes better. It's convenient and tastes great.


This HMO Prebiotic product has been a game changer for me! It has freed me from having to be so dependent on so many different probiotic foods for proper gut function. When combined with potent probiotics, this works together as a great team, working synergistically together. Thank you for making this product! It has really improved the functioning of my G.I. system a lot! I can't imagine going without this now. I am so thankful that this product has been created!

Works great!

This is the first PreBiotic powder I've used that didn't blow up my stomach. I started out with half a scoop for a few days before I bumped up to a full and it was perfect.

So Far So Good

I've been taking PureHMO for about a week now and starting to see a positive difference.

Family loving it

We have just started using it adding it to our daily keifer/l reuteri smoothies. My wife loves the taste and has stated the combination has significantly helped decrease the stomach issues she has been dealing with. We are looking for other ways to utilize it.

Doesn’t dissolve

Smells like apples and is loaded with beneficial nutrients but does not dissolve in water - hot or cold. It just floats in the top and sticks to the glass or cup. Kind of annoying.


Easily dissolved in water and tastes like fresh berries.

Works great!!

I started taking PureHMO Prebiotic Powder a week ago, due to gut issues and pain I was having from dairy. I have cut out dairy and added this powder to my regimen, and my gut feels so much better overall. I add it to my coffee every morning, and can’t even taste it in there.

Great Taste & Texture!

I've been adding this to my smoothie bowls, and it adds a nice taste and texture.