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It’s seems to be working well

My functional medicine doctor recommended my son to take this to help with his gut dysbiosis. I’m hoping it helps to resolve it over time.

Too early to see results but taste delicious. Like cotton candy

Great Product

This has worked really well for both of my sons!

Sialic Acid

I take this supplement mainly for Sialic Acid. I wish They have a formula with just SL3 and SL6.

HMO + apple powder.

i have been using these products for 2 years as part of my overall health regiment.
i highly recommend their quality products.

Easy Process

The process of ordering from Layer was super easy and the quality of the product I ordered based on my Naturopaths recommendation was "PureHMO" Prebiotic capsules to help drive out an Ecoli bacteria. I own a health food store and am going to bring this line in to help my customers clear up their gastro issues and increase their overall health.
Very excited about this product.

Quality of Life Has Returned

Layer Origin, I have been to many G.I. Doctors over the past 5 years since I discovered I’m dealing with IBS-C & and Leaky Gut. The blend of these 3 probiotics have given me my life back. I was having constant pain in multiple areas throughout my colon and stomach. I was unable to eat and had lost 20 pounds. This product has saved my life. Our gut creates 90% of our serotonin. I feel less depressed, sluggish, and have better cognitive responses. PLEASE never Stop making this LIFE CHANGING product. So many people go to gastroenterologists and receive no help. You are helping to change lives. Thank you so much.


So far so good. Using it with Omni-biotic and it seems to work well.

It is working

My leaky gut is improving. I feel more energetic and less bloated. It is working.

Works for me.

Cleared up my diarrhea in two days. I've been having solid (but not hard) BMs for over a week now.

Dissolves effortlessly

Tis' the season for strep throat and antibiotics so I'm happy to have this on hand for my kiddos. It dissolves effortlessly into water or milk. It's tasteless so the kids don't know I'm mixing it in. Bonus! Definitely recommend.

I like it!

I love berries but they're so expensive and I hate cold smoothies in the winter with frozen berries so this is a nice alternative. I find it mixes best with electrolytes and I give it a quick stir so it doesn't clump. I started losing weight immediately after taking it. Was it building my akkermansia back right away? Who knows, but I think i'll continue.


I like your product but I have been fighting chronic constipation for
About thirty years. My whole insides are a burning fire all the time.
I also have fm and cf - 83 years old. Most DRS don’t seem to care.
I’m very discouraged. I was also widowed almost two years ago. I’m
Also on a limited budget. I hope I can at least gat the $6.00 savings.
Thanks for your concern.

SuperHMO® Prebiotic Mix with 5 HMOs For Kids

I have used the adult version of SuperHMO® Prebiotic Mix with 5 HMOs daily since March 2023 and have noticed a major difference. The only reason I purchased the 'kids' version was because the adult one was out of stock. I did not want to interrupt my schedule waiting for a backorder. I love this product. It is a bit pricey but so worth it!

May be a Good companion to fight GNE

So far completed first 3 week corse & feeling better. seeing improvement in my digestive system. Expecting miracle by this product to fight GNE Myopathy. So far not much change in my Myopathy but waiting for 7 week assessment to gauge strength.

Apple Peels in a Jiffy!

I absolutely love the Apple Peel Powder. It is such a fast simple way to ensure I am feeding my gut everyday. Going to give one of these canisters to everyone for Xmas!

Works great for kids

Dissolves easily in toddler milk. No fillers excellent value

Excellent powder pure products

Pure products without fillers represent excellent value

Excellent Product!

I use Simple Reds with Organic Apple Peel Powder every Morning. My doctor was very pleased with my labs results since I started using them mid- August 2023. Jan 2023 High lab results are normal - mid normal now. Quite an accomplishment . My Bodum milk frother does an excellent job mixing them together. My wife takes them too with some incredible results also. Highly Recommended.

Added benefit

Adding to my other gut health regimen.


Started adding to my morning smoothie! Enhances the flavor!

Good so far

We’ve used the kids HMO for about 2 weeks now and our son seemed to be pooping a lot more regularly. We haven’t seen any results with his eczema yet but assuming that will take more time. He also don’t mind taking it which is a bonus.

So far so good

Added this into my child's diet to help balance his gut to hopefully calm his eczema! So far he is tolerating it great!


Very cool technology for the biome. Seems to be helping with chronic IBS that runs in my family. No taste either and dissolves well even in coffee which is a plus, not hard to take in the slightest, just like sugar.

Organic Apple Peel Powder
Barbara Donaldson

Really nice flavor! Appears to aid bowel regularity.