PureHMO® Human Milk Oligosaccharide Super Prebiotic Capsules

PureHMO® super prebiotic is a fermented high-purity human milk oligosaccharide with multiple health benefits, originally found in mother's milk. This super prebiotic capsules feature 30 servings of capsuled HMO 2'FL (1800 mg) with no synthetic fillers. 

  • Promote Digestive Health: supports the growth of 180 Billion CFU probiotics per serving, e.g. Bifidobacterium, and promotes a healthy gut environment. 
  • Support Immune Functions: HMOs are more effective than non-human prebiotics in stimulating the body's natural immune system, blocking pathogens and viruses, and reducing inflammation.
  • Improve Cognitive Function: Unlike other prebiotic and probiotic products for adults, HMO metabolites promote brain development, neuronal transmission, and cognition.


      Super Prebiotic Fiber

      Feed Bifidobacteria and Akkermansia, increase beneficial bacteria in gut, build a healthy gut ecosystem.

      Cognitive Support

      HMO provide nutrients for brain development and cognitive functions

      Gut Comfort

      Clinically proven to reduce gas, bloating, constipation, and stomach pain, and other IBS symptoms

      Healthy Metabolism

      Boost the number of slim probiotics in the gut, which help with food digestion and improve metabolism

      Backed Up By

      Scientific Studies On HMO

      expert opinion review stars

      Support Gut Microbiota, Immune System

      "human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) play an important role in gut microbiota colonization and gut immune barrier establishment, and thereby contribute to the maturation of the immune system in early life."


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      Feed Akkermansia muciniphila

      "the capacity of A. muciniphila to utilize human milk will enable its survival in the early life intestine and colonization of the mucosal layer in early life, warranting later life mucosal and metabolic health."


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      Promote Bifidobacteria

      "The human gut microbiota established during infancy has persistent effects on health. In vitro studies have suggested that human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) in breast milk promote the formation of a bifidobacteria-rich microbiota in infant guts."


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      Restore Gut Barrier Functions

      "With the demonstrated safety, tolerance, and impact of HMOs on the adult gut microbiota in clinical trials, this study supports the potential use of HMOs as a novel strategy to restore or promote gut barrier function in adults."

      Nutrients, 2020 (Scientific Journal)

      HMOs Have Been Featured In:

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      No. Our HMO is technically something referred to as HiMO, which stands for Human identical Milk Oligosaccharide. It is produced via a complex fermentation and precise purification process and results in a powder that is molecularly identical to the HMO that is in human milk. All the benefits without any human milk involved.

      Yes. Research has shown that many people with lactose intolerance can tolerate up to 12 grams of lactose in one sitting, which is approximately the amount in one cup (230 ml) of milk. Layer Origin Nutrition recommends a total HMO serving size of 2.0 grams — therefore — even people with with lactose intolerance should be well below the limit of what they can tolerate, if they follow the recommended dosage.

      Believe it or not, it doesn't make a difference either way. This is because the HMO will not be digested the way that food would be digested. HMO makes its way undigested through your body down to the lower intestines, where it becomes the food for probiotic bacteria. So take HMO with food or without food. Either way is fine!

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 61 reviews
      Raina Kiviat

      Love it!

      Love this product!

      I have a mutation in FUT2 gene so need extra HMO's to nourish my breastmilk for my baby. SO grateful for Layer Orgins for creating a product like this!

      Teresa C
      Amazing product!

      This product is an all in one super power! I couldn’t be happier with the results and ease of using this ! All layer origin products I have used have been a lifesaver!

      Constance Burns
      Great product

      Has really helped my husband and myself with some minor issues. I would totally recommend this product. These guys are very reasonably priced and the auto ship is very convenient.

      Brittany Hopper
      Really loved this for bloating and digestion

      I started this protocol because I have a really hard time consuming carbs without feeling super bloated and terrible. I truly don't have many issues now with that so thats great.