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PureHMO® Super Prebiotic for Kids - 2 HMOs

  • No Other Prebiotics Can Replace HMOs: HMOs have unique structures and functions that help with childrens' brain development, defend against pathogens and viruses, and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut.
  • Brain and Cognitive Development: HMOs, when consumed by the probiotics in the gut, produce metabolites that fuel childrens' brain and cognitive development. This is why infant formulas have started to include HMOs since 2015.
  • Premium HMO mix for Kids: 2'-Fucosyllactose and lacto-n-neotetraose (LNnT) are two of the most abundant HMOs in breast milk. This combination better mimics the composition of the true HMO profile found in breast milk. 


Happy Tummy

HMOs feed the good bugs in the gut and support a balanced and healthy gut environment for kids.

Smart Brain

HMO, when metabolized in the gut, provides essential nutrients for babies' brain development. It's a clinically proven benefit for infants and children.

Strong Immune System

It is estimated ~70% of the immune system resides in the gut, so it's crucial to give your baby the building blocks they need from the start.

Two Types of HMOs

Two of the most abundant HMOs in human milk: 2'-Fucosyllactose and Lacto-N-neotetraose.

How It Works

Experts' Opinions on Human Milk Oligosaccharides

expert opinion review stars

Frontiers in Pediatrics

"HMOs were first described as prebiotic substrates for the infant gut microbiota, promoting the establishment of bifidobacteria"

expert opinion review stars

Nutrition News

"The HMOs and nucleotides (an essential building block in the body) found in breast milk support a baby's digestive system and help strengthen their immune system."

expert opinion review stars

Journal of Functional Foods, APC Microbiome Institute and School of Microbiology,

"HMOs also directly modulate host-epithelial immune responses and can selectively reduce binding of pathogenic bacteria and viruses to the gut epithelium preventing the emergence of a disease. "

expert opinion review stars

American Society for Microbiology Org

"Human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) may provide health benefits to infants partly by shaping the development of the early-life intestinal microbiota."

HMOs Have Been Featured In:

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We use two kinds of HMOs in our formulation and tout the highest purity possible.
Other brands only contain one type of HMO and a lot of junk ingredients and fillers.

Children older than 12 months can take PureHMO for Kids Powder. By age one, many babies have stopped getting breast milk and if they missed this extremely important prebiotic fiber (human milk oligosaccharide), it is safe to supplement with it at this time.

It depends.

If the infant formula already contains HMO, you do not need to add extra HMO into your child's diet. If the infant formula does not contain HMO and your baby is older than 12 months, you can give him/her HMO under the supervision of their pediatrician.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great product!

Better than most probiotics I have tried. It’s my 9th bottle.

Lauren B
Great product!

This product was recommended for my 20 month year old son after completing a tiny health gut test, as a way to build up his immunity and improve his overall gut health. I liked the product so much that I decided to use it for my four year old as well, who has struggled with constipation since infancy. This product has done wonders! He is having BMs consistently at least every other day, if not every day. Very thankful for this product!

HMO for kids

Love this product! It really improved my 2 and half year old son’s gut health from having one liquid poop every 2 days to one beautiful solid poop EVERYDAY!

Tish Akpan
My 13 year old

Kids Prebiotic
My 13 year old daughter has been using kids Prebiotic for over a month now. I can see a difference in focus and clarity. Because she homeschools I am able to see the benefits of using Kids Prebiotic on a daily basis. I will be ordering more for sure!

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My twins and their autistic brother love it . Taking it without hesitation even asking for more . All stomach problems gone after the first month of taking it :)