PureHMO® IBS Support Powder with DDS-01 Probiotic

  • Target Root Cause of IBS: imbalance of gut bacteria is one of the root causes of IBS. We focused on restoring the flora of beneficial bacteria in your gut and creating a positive environment for them to stay and thrive.  
  • Super Prebiotic HMO: the unique blend of 2'-FL and LNnt human milk oligosaccharides are clinically proven to relieve IBS symptoms, including constipation, gas, bloating, diarrhea.
  • The IBS Probiotic: the DDS-01 strain probiotic was specially developed for IBS relief and was clinically proven to reduce abdominal pain and symptom severity scores in adults with IBS
  • Restore Gut Functions: the product is designed to restore the gut linings, strengthen gut barriers, build gut bacteria balance, and defend bad  bacteria and food intolerance. 
  • Original Formulation and Latest Science: at Layer Origin Nutrition, each of our gut health products is originally formulated based on the most up-to-date scientific evidence and clinical data. The science is constantly updating, so are your nutritional needs.
What is the Root Cause of IBS?

Gut microflora imbalance is one the most important root cause of IBS. Research indicates that the microflora in people with IBS differ from those in healthy people. Without a good microflora, your digestive system will have difficulties fully digesting foods, which could trigger IBS.

How to Restore Gut Microflora? 

The combination of human milk oligosaccharides, 2'-FL and LNnT, feed good bacteria and enrich the biodiversity of gut microflora, especially the ones living on gut linings. They are the key to normalize the functions of your gut.

Menthol Vs. PureHMO IBS?

Menthol tends to solve the problem by suppressing bowel muscle spasm; PureHMO IBS Support is designed to restore the gut flora and gut functions.

Which Approach is Better?

There isn't a right answer for this question, but you should choose an solution that fits both your current and long-term needs.

Customer Reviews

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Kelli Evatt
Great products

I have tried the HMO Prebiotic and the IBS Support. My digestion is so much better. A lot less pain and bloating. I am looking forward to trying more of these products!

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