SuperHMO® Prebiotic Mix with 5 HMOs

A Super Prebiotic Blend More Powerful Than Any Probiotics
  • Super HMO Prebiotic Mix: five major types of human milk oligosaccharides including 2'-Fucosyllactose (2'-FL), Lacto-N-tetraose (LNT), Lacto-N-neotetraose (LNnT), 6'-Sialyllactose (6'SL), and 3'-Sialyllactose (3'SL)
  • Unprecedented Gut Microbiome Boost: a specific combination of HMOs make up our most powerful prebiotic powder ever! Designed to promote growth of 100+ strains of beneficial bacteria (probiotics) in your gut through cross-feeding reactions.
  • Build A Solid Foundation for Overall Health: the gut microbiome affects our overall health including digestion, sleep, cognition, emotion, blood sugar, blood pressure, heart health, immunity, weight, and energy. Learn how.


Five Key Types of HMOs

Five types of human milk oligosaccharides: 2'-FL, LNT, LNnT, 6'SL, and 3'SL.

Gut microbiome

Super boost for a diverse, resilient, and robust gut microbial community.

Benefits beyond the gut

Thousands of beneficial metabolites produced by the good gut bacteria help maintain and improve the overall function of your body.

Brain Nutrients

The 3'SL and 6'SL in the blend directly support brain health by supplying essential nutrients for neurons.

How It Works

Experts' Opinion On HMO

expert opinion review stars

The Journal of Nutrition

"Human milk contains all the nutrients necessary for the infant to thrive, but also ingredients that may provide health benefits beyond those of traditional nutrients. Human milk oligosaccharides (HMO) comprise part of these functional ingredients."

expert opinion review stars

Beneficial Microbes (book)

"HMOs are a group of complex and diverse glycans that are resistant to gastrointestinal digestion and reach the infant colon as the first prebiotics."

expert opinion review stars

Early Human Development (journal)

"HMOs are human milk prebiotics"

expert opinion review stars

Nutrients (journal)

"In addition to their bifidogenic activity, HMOs have the capacity to modulate immune function and the gut barrier, supporting the potential of HMOs to provide health benefits in adults."


SuperHMO® Prebiotic Mix contains five HMOs including 2'FL, LNNT, LNT, 3'SL, 6'SL, which is great for feeding not only bifidobacteria, but many other key species as well.

PureHMO® Prebiotic Powder contains one type of HMO, 2'FL, which is great for feeding bifidobacteria, a foundational bacteria for the gut microbiome.

It is flavorless. You won't notice any taste, guaranteed.

Take 1 scoop per day for the first few days and increase to 2 scoops per day thereafter. It dissolves in water, coffee, juice, milk, smoothies, etc. Taking it before or after meals are equally effective.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Pricey but worth it

Take a look in Pub Med; the research is well documented and more studies are underway regarding the amazing benefits of HMO. This is the cleanest source of all 5 strains of HMO I’ve come across and the formula is completely tasteless. I’m excited to re-test my microbiome after 4 weeks to see the results on paper. So far so good, no discomfort for me but I was careful to titrate up slowly.

Stephen D
SuperHMO® Prebiotic Mix with 5 HMOs

Been using the original product for some time. I recentely added HMO with 5 HMO's. I've noticed a continued improvement in my gut health. I am a IBD patient and to improve the microbiome is very important and keeps me in remission with very few drug interactions. Prior to use I had lingering inflamation and flares. I am continue to use because to me it is very positive.

Carly Bos
Easy to digest and noticing improvements

The Cognitive effects are being noticed. It's only been about 2 weeks, but I am noticing less brain fog.

Kate Petrovic
Super HMO

I just started then a couple of weeks ago but I'm hopeful that these asking with the Reds will help to rebuild my keystone bacteria to healthy levels. I've been doing well with it so far!

Amazing product!!

If you’re having gut issues, THIS IS the product you want to take. Has helped me greatly in just a very short time. Helped my brain also. Really amazing!!