Simple Reds - Organic Red Polyphenols Fruit Powder

Simple Reds is a robust blend of red fruit powders rich in antioxidants and polyphenols for a natural energy boost with no added sugar. 

Our blend of red polyphenols is not overly sweet and comes without any chemical or artificial sweeteners. You get five simple red high-polyphenol whole fruit powders in each scoop.

Five Simple Reds: organic whole beet root powder, organic whole cranberry powder, organic goji berry powder, organic whole strawberry powder, organic apple peel powder

Red Polyphenols: a robust blend of red phenols — great food for the good bacteria in your gut, such as bifidobacteria and akkermansia muciniphila.

High Fiber: Simple Reds is formulated with whole superfoods that are rich in fiber with no "juice", no maltodextrin, no fillers, no B.S.

Works with HMO: Apple Peel Powder, HMO prebiotic, and polyphenols work synergistically to spur growth of bifidobacteria and akkermansia in your gut microbiome


Boost Bifidobacteria

Red polyphenols can help to reduce chronic inflammation and spur the growth of beneficial gut bacteria such as Bifidobacteria.


Antioxidant-rich and all organic berries act as you cell-protecting, youth-enhancing secret weapon.

Boost Akkermansia Muciniphila

Red polyphenols, along with PureHMO, can fuel the growth of Akkermansia Muciniphila

Reclaim Your Energy

Mix these superfoods with a glass of water and let them go to work — boosting your energy each day.

How It Works

What Experts Say About Polyphenols

expert opinion review stars

Joel Greene

"As you look at phenols and what they feed, you get a great inventory of substrate that ultimately feeds both Bifidobacteria and Akkermansia. And I make this case in the book, those are the two bacteria that you really need to focus on."

Author of The Immunity Code

expert opinion review stars

Ben Greenfield

"The HMOs are helping to steer the gut towards immunity and steering the macrophages towards restoration of the gut lining, especially when combined with eating apple skins. The third part of this trident would be red phenols."

Host, Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast

expert opinion review stars

Dr. Rhonda Patrick

"When it comes to fruits, berries actually have a pretty low sugar content and the fiber changes the way the sugar is metabolized. They also are high in pectins, a type of prebiotic that is beneficial for gut microbiome."

Ph.D in biomedical science and expert on nutritional health, brain & aging

expert opinion review stars

Dr. Will Bulsiewicz

"Most polyphenols escape digestion and end up coming into contact with your gut microbes, which activate them and simultaneously are shaped/altered by them."

MD and Author of Fiber Fueled


Questions and Answers about Simple Reds powder

Yes, every whole fruit powder in Simple Reds is completely organic.

There are enough servings in each bottle to last for 30 days.

Organic Strawberry Powder, Organic Cranberry Powder, Organic Apple Peel Powder, Organic Goji Berry Powder, and Organic Beet Root Powder.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Lynette Capurro
mostly beets

although there is a list of 5 ingredients (beet is 1/4) the only flavor that comes thru is beets. I normally drink an only beet drink and this is stronger than that one.

Kate Petrovic
Simple Reds

I'm ordering my 2nd jar now. These actually don't taste bad and don't bother my stomach at all. My favorite prebiotic along with the super hmo.

Denise Charles
Love the simple reds!

I absolutely love everything about the Simple Reds! I definitely noticed a bump in my gut health when I added these into the gut protocol. I’m so thankful for clean and effective supplements that WORK!!

Alexandra Catrickes PhD

This really helped after antibiotics!

Dede Morrison
Excellent product

I add this amazing product to my daily L-reuteri and kefir smoothie. I love the taste and and I am beginning to notice a decrease in my skin issues. I will buy again and again.