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Presenting HMO Prebiotics at Natural Products Expo West 2022

April 01, 2022 2 min read

Presenting HMO Prebiotics at Natural Products Expo West 2022 - Layer Origin Nutrition

Layer Origin Nutrition made its Natural Products Expo West debut from March 9-12 in Anaheim, California. 

Natural Products Expo West, known simply as "Expo West," is the leading trade show in the natural, organic, and healthy products industry.

Layer Origin Nutrition had a booth in the "Supplements" hall featuring green carpet and a large banner promoting PureHMO® Super Prebiotic and the health benefits that come with it: improved gut health, immunity, cognitive function, and digestion. 

The company co-founders and staff made the trek via plane from New York to California for the show. The 2022 edition marked the first time that Expo West was held in-person since 2019 so plenty of exhibitors were back and excited to showcase their products, people, and ideas. 

Layer Origin booth at expo west

Layer Origin Nutrition had an exhibit at the 2022 event showcasing its flagship Human Milk Oligosaccharide prebiotic products including: 

  • PureHMO® Prebiotic Powder 
  • PureHMO® Super Prebiotic Capsules 
  • PureHMO® Synbiotic 
  • PureHMO® Tri-Prebiotic Powder 
  • PureHMO® IBS Support 

Visitors also got a special preview of Layer Origin Nutrition's newest HMO prebiotic varieties which blend real fruit powder with the high-purity HMO that Layer Origin is known for worldwide. 

Several customers who live in the Orange County region came by the Layer Origin Nutrition exhibit to say hello and the company co-founders even received a very special visit from Joel Greene, author of The Immunity Code, and major proponent of using HMO prebiotics to reset the gut. 

expo west hall

Visitors from all over the world stopped by to inquire about how Human Milk Oligosaccharide works, where it comes from, how bio-identical HMO is produced, and more. 

While dozens of companies at the expo manufacture, produce, develop, or distribute probiotics — far less specialize in prebiotics. For that matter, only Layer Origin Nutrition had an exhibit with prebiotics inspired by HMO in mother's milk. 

The unique ingredients, philosophy, and formulations drew dozens of visitors to the exhibit booth for free sample packets and brochures. 

Layer Origin Nutrition sells its products at, on Amazon, and also through practitioners' network. All products are also offered at wholesale prices when stores and practitioners opt to order by the case (23 to 25 bottles are in each case, depending on the product). 

The weather was beautiful in sunny Anaheim providing a nice respite from the harsh winter back home in Ithaca, New York where Layer Origin Nutrition is headquartered at the Cornell Business and Technology Park.  

Anaheim California

"We are thrilled to have attended our first ever Expo West in 2022 and we are really excited to share our knowledge of HMO prebiotics with attendees over the three day span," said Jason Zhang, PhD, Layer Origin Nutrition VP and Chief Scientist. "Expo West is widely known as the premier show in the world so we were certainly in good company among global leaders in nutrition and supplementation." 

Well-known brands such as Sambucol, Vital Proteins, SunWarrior Protein and hundreds more were present at Expo West across the vast exhibit halls. 

For more information on Layer Origin Nutrition or PureHMO® visit or email 


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