The Super Concentrated Oat Bran Fiber

  • HIGHEST AMOUNT OF SOLUBLE FIBER: BranPure contains 28% of soluble oat beta-glucan, which is 2.8 times more than other brands on the market (1%-10%). 
  • HIGHEST PURITY 100% OAT BRAN SUPPLEMENT: BranPure oat bran contains a large amount of oat beta-glucan. The soluble fibers in our oat bran are more effective than other fibers.
  • WE FOCUS ON ACTIVE FIBER: Each serving of bran powder contains 1.5 grams of soluble oat beta-glucan. Soluble fibers in oat bran are the active fiber that helps your heart health instead of insoluble fiber. Other brands only provide ~0.75 g of soluble fiber per serving.
  • APPROVED IN USA, EU, AND CANADA FOR HEART HEALTH: Due to numerous clinical studies, the health claim of oat bran has been approved by U.S., EU, and Canadian authorities. Food products containing more than 0.75 g of oat bran fiber can bear the heart health claim.


Gut Health

Oat bran is rich in both soluble and insoluble fiber, both great for gut health.

Reduce Cholesterol

The beta-glucan in the oat bran fiber helps bind with cholesterol precursor in your gut and reduce the cholesterol level.

Heart Health

Great for heart health.

Clean Taste

Easy to incorporate into your routine.

Backed Up By

expert opinion review stars

"Taken together, oats consumption significantly reduced TC and LDL-C, and also mediated a prebiotic effect on gut microbiome."

Frontiers in Immunology, Scientific Journal

expert opinion review stars

"Oat bran lowers serum cholesterol levels in part by altering bile acid metabolism"

Hepatology, Scientific Journal

expert opinion review stars

"Consumption of sufficient quantities of oat products has been shown to reduce host cholesterol and thereby modulate cardiovascular disease risk.:

Frontiers in Nutrition, Scientific Journal

expert opinion review stars

"Dietary fibers from rice bran and wheat bran modulate specific bacteria and promote SAFCs-producing bacteria to maintain host health."

Food Chemistry, Scientific Journal

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Stir into any drinks of your choice (8 oz) and enjoy it. You can also use it in your smoothies or as breakfast oatmeal.

Anytime, before or after meal.

BranPure is 100% oat bran without any additives or sweeteners, and it contains 28% of beta-glucan (soluble fiber) while others contains 1-10%.

Customer Reviews

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Beta Glucan Supplementation Works

It's only a sample size of one but I've seen the results I want to see. My total and LDL cholesterol dropped significantly after taking the BranPure fiber. The FDA recommends beta glucan for a reason. The product is easy to take (I just mix it with water) and doesn't have much flavor. I'm very happy I found it.