Product Donation for Research Institution

Empowering Innovation through Collaboration

At Layer Origin, we recognize the invaluable contribution that research institutions make to the progress of science and technology. To foster innovation and support the dedicated efforts of these institutions, we are proud to introduce our Product Donation Program.

Our Commitment to Advancement

Who We Are

Layer Origin is committed to driving positive change through the advancement of research and education. We understand the financial constraints that research institutions often face, and we believe in the power of collaboration to overcome these challenges.

What We Offer

Through our Product Donation Program, we offer a range of cutting-edge HMO prebiotic products that align with the needs of research institutions across various disciplines, such as microbiology, biology, chemistry, nutrition, medicine, or any other field.

How It Works

Application Process

  1. Submit Your Proposal: Research institutions interested in our Product Donation Program are invited to submit a detailed email outlining the nature of the research, the specific products requested, and the potential impact on the scientific community.

  2. Review and Approval: Our team will carefully review each proposal, considering the significance of the research, the alignment with our values, and the potential for positive impact. Approved institutions will be notified promptly.

Product Selection and Delivery

  1. Collaborative Selection: Once approved, our team will work collaboratively with your institution to select the most relevant and beneficial products for your research needs.

  2. Efficient Delivery: We understand the time sensitivity of research projects. Our streamlined delivery process ensures that the selected products reach your institution promptly and in optimal condition.

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for our Product Donation Program, research institutions should meet the following criteria:

  • Hold nonprofit status or be a government-recognized research entity.
  • Clearly outline the research project for which the products are requested.
  • Demonstrate the potential positive impact of the research on the scientific community.

Get Started

Ready to elevate your research capabilities? We invite eligible research institutions to submit their proposals for consideration in our Product Donation Program. Together, let's push the boundaries of knowledge and drive innovation for a better future.

For inquiries and proposal submissions, please contact us at We look forward to collaborating with you in advancing the frontiers of research. Or simply contact us below

Empowering Research. Inspiring Innovation.