The Gut Reset Bundle - PureHMO Prebiotic Powder, Apple Peel Powder, and Simple Reds

  • 3 Products: PureHMO® Prebiotic Powder, Organic Apple Peel Powder, and Simple Reds Polyphenol Powder 
  • 20-Day Protocol: a gut reset protocol adapted from the book "The Immunity Code" by Joel Greene 
  • Feed Your Gut Microbiome: the HMO prebiotic, the polyphenols, and fiber from apple peels and Simple Reds work synergistically to feed the gut microflora and boost their growth. Good for gut recovery after antibiotic use. 


Boost Key Gut Bacteria

PureHMO® selectively boosts the key beneficial bacteria in your gut: bifidobacteria

Super Antioxidants

The polyphenols in Simple Reds and Organic Apple Peel Powder are super antioxidants that help reduce the oxidation stress in your gut

Stronger Gut Lining

HMO and Apple Peels feed Akkermansia Muciniphila and bifidobacteria, 2 probiotics that help maintain the gut lining's integrity

Gut Microflora Balance

The combination helps promote a diverse microbial community in the gut, which in turn, helps you to digest foods and fight food sensitivities

How It Works

Experts' Opinion on HMO Prebiotic, Apple Peel and Red Polyphenols

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Book "Fiber Fueled" by Dr. Will Bulsiewicz

"They (HMO) are food for developing gut microbiome. They are prebiotics and they actually help the right bacteria, specifically bifidobacteria, to grow. And this also helps with development of the immune system."

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"New findings from the New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research Ltd. show that polyphenols—which give color to fruits and vegetables and are also found in coffee, tea, nuts, and legumes—can break down into molecules that help beneficial microorganisms found in the digestive system. In short, they can support gut health, which is increasingly being recognized as vital to our overall well-being."

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Nutrients, Scientific Journal

" Despite the small contribution of apple peel (6%–8%) to whole fruit weight, apple peel contains a significantly higher content of phenolics. High molecular weight polyphenols such as polymeric PAs reach the colon almost unchanged where they are transformed by the intense metabolic activity of the gut microbiota, a requirement for their absorption"

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"When the gut microbiome is not balanced, disease risk is higher. A gut that is rich in healthy bacteria may help reduce the risk of inflammatory diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, obesity, and colon cancer."

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1 bottle of PureHMO® Prebiotic Powder, 1 bottle of Organic Apple Peel Powder, and 1 bottle of Simple Reds Polyphenol Powder

You can keep using the HMO/Apple Peel/Simple Reds combination for an extended period of time;

Or maintain your gut microbiome by using HMO prebiotic powder daily.

Yes, the apple peel powder and red fruits polyphenol powders are both organic.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Bill D

I have been on the gut reset bundle for one month and it has been life-changing! My energy and stamina have increased and my gut has never felt better. Give it a try, you’ll be glad you did!

Caro o
Seems to it some more time.

Seems to help with a jittery stomach after taking a round of antibiotics. I mix it with my smoothie. I am also giving to my dog. I think with time I'll definitely see results.