PureHMO Weight Management Complex

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PureHMO® Weight Management Complex is designed to prime your gut and metabolism for better weight management. It is formulated with 1000 mg of HMO to activate the "slim probiotics", acacia fiber for satiety and appetite control, our patented carb blocker to reduce calorie intake, and 4 strains of probiotics to restore gut balance and diversity of the gut microbiome. 

  • Boost the "Slim" Probiotic: the bacteria in the gut helps process foods and send signals to your brain to stop eating. A probiotic called "Akkermansia Muciniphila", which makes up 3-5% of total gut bacteria, is associated with healthy weight and blood sugar
  • Carbs to Fiber: our patented carb blocker helps stop the digestion of starch, reduce caloric intake, and turn some starch into fiber in the gut
  • Appetite Control: HMO prebiotic fiber, soluble acacia fiber, and starchy fiber increase satiety and reduce appetite 


Activate the "Slim Probiotic" in Gut

HMO feeds Akkermansia Muciniphila, the "slim probiotic" found more often in slim people.

Block Carbs and Boost Fiber

Our patented carb blocker blocks starch digestion and converts carbs into dietary fiber in the large intestines.

Increase Satiety

Soluble acacia fiber helps increase satiety and reduce overall food intake.

Boost Gut Diversity

4 strains of probiotics, HMO prebiotic fiber, soluble acacia fiber, and starchy fiber help increase bacterial diversity in the gut microbiome.

How It Works

Experts' Opinions on HMO and Gut-Weight Connection

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Scientific Reports, 2020

"We found that A. muciniphila (the slim probiotic) was able to grow on human milk and degrade HMOs. Analyses of the proteome of A. muciniphila indicated that key-glycan degrading enzymes were expressed when the bacterium was grown on human milk."

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Nutrition Insight

"Research on HMOs is moving out of the infant nutrition sector and more toward gut health and weight management."

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"The microbe -- Akkermansia muciniphila -- makes up 3 percent to 5 percent of the gut bacteria. The strain is linked with a fiber-rich diet. It's also associated with lower levels of blood sugar, insulin and fats, which help ward off obesity."

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Jonathan Allen, Professor of Nutrition, N.C. State University

"The results indicate that Phaseolus vulgaris carb blocker can significantly reduce the glycemic response and block starch digestion."

Food Science Researcher

HMOs Have Been Featured In:

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Answers to commonly asked questions about PureHMO® Weight Management Complex

Generally, HMO can be taken any time, with or without food, but we do recommend taking this product 20 to 30 minutes prior to meals to maximize the efficacy of the carb blocker.

Yes, the carb blocker reduces the digestion of starch and helps to increase satiety and lessens appetite.

The Max Bloc Carb Blocker product has been combined with PureHMO® Prebiotic Powder to create PureHMO® Weight Management Complex — the best of both worlds when it comes to prebiotic fiber and carb blockers.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Andrea Hoog
Good selection and easy ordering

My go to for supplements. Easy to order and quick turnaround. Definitely recommend

Josh Coffy
Love Max Bloc <3

My wife and I do cheat nights every Friday and have for years. I've been taking Max Bloc for the last month and can literally feel the difference afterward. I highly recommend this! Just pop them 20-30 mins before. Easy. :)

Jennifer Wells
Works Great

I've only been taking Max Bloc for a little over a week and it has helped me lose even more weight by supporting my keto diet. Definitely the best carb blocker I've ever come across!

Great Blocker!!!

I have been using the Carb Blocker for a few days now and it seems to be working well! Thank you!!

Never upsets my stomach

I have been taking this for two months, it never upsets my stomach. This is the only supplements I took along with my keto diet.