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PureHMO® Immune Boost

Super Immune Prebiotic: PureHMO® human milk oligosaccharide is an immune-boosting prebiotic that directly blocks bad bugs from attaching to your body.  

Trio of Immune Helpers: this super immune prebiotic works in tandem with vitamins C, D, and Zinc to reduce harmful oxidative stress, fight bad bugs, and recover faster. 

1 Scoop Per Day for Immune and Gut Health: the HMO prebiotic fiber feeds the probiotics (i.e. good bugs) in your gut, stimulates immune response, and supports a healthy gut environment. 


2000mg HMO Super Prebiotic

HMO stops the bad bugs from binding with human cells due to its unique structure.

1000mg Vitamin C

1000mg vitamin C to supercharge your immune system and reduce the oxidative stress on your body.

Vitamin D and Zinc

If you cannot get enough sunshine, your body might not produce enough vitamin D, especially during the winter. Vitamin D is an essential vitamin to keep your immune system working properly.

Unflavored and Fast Dissolving

There are no flavor additives in this product. Simply add one scoop into any drink of your choice or take with your probiotic supplement.

How It Works

Experts' Opinions on HMO and Immune Health

expert opinion review stars

Nutrients, Aug. 2018

"The importance of HMOs may be explained by their inhibitory effects on the adhesion of microorganisms to the intestinal mucosa, the growth of pathogens through the production of bacteriocins and organic acids, and the expression of genes that are involved in inflammation."

expert opinion review stars

BEN GREENFIELD, The Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast

"HMOs are helping to steer the but towards immunity and steering the macrophages towards restoration of the gut lining — I actually know a lot of functional medicine doctors using this with their patients now."

expert opinion review stars

JOEL GREENE, The Author of Immunity Code

"What you're going to find with HMOs is that they are endemic to the formation of the immune system in the infant gut — and so HMOs have very, very strong presence informing immunity in the gut."

expert opinion review stars


"These beneficial bacteria (HMOS) produce short-chain fatty acids that prevent colonization of pathogenic bacteria in the gut. This bacteria (good bacteria promoted by HMOs) has been shown to set up the immune system."

HMOs Have Been Featured In:

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The PureHMO® Immune Powder contains HMO prebiotic, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc. HMO can fight with pathogens directly (acting as a decoy).

You can add this product to water, juice, milk, or other cold drinks. Avoid adding to hot tea and coffees since vitamin C is heat sensitive.

1100 mg per serving, 1100% of daily value.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Stephanie Larkin
First Try

First time using product like this. Seems like a good blend. Looking forward to seeing the results. Fast delivery. Enjoying the educational videos on Youtube.

Doug R

Not Layers best effort, ruined the taste of my coffee. Love the original going back to that.

Melissa Reed
Great all in one supplement

The addition of vitamin C + D is great! It saves me on taking those supplements when I take my daily dose of HMO.