Max Bloc® Carb Blocker for Weight Control, Keto Support, & Healthy Blood Sugar

  • Clinically Tested: reduce 26.2% food glycemic response, best natural Max Bloc Carb Blocker pills 
  • 10X Strength & 0 toxins: lectins can cause leaky gut, we make a stronger & safer solution for women & men 
  • Block Carbs & Trigger Fat Use: blocks carbs & triggers body to use fat and boost metabolism, reduce carb intake on Day 1 
  • 20 min Rule: Max Bloc must be taken 20-30 min before a meal to maximize the carb-blocking results 
  • Easy Capsules: take 2 capsules with a cup of water before your starchy meal to support weight control.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Fayelyn Ingram
New to product

I have not really used this much as of yet. I don’t eat a plethora of carbs but I wanted something if I do. I will leave another review when I use it more often.

Josh Coffy
Love Max Bloc <3

My wife and I do cheat nights every Friday and have for years. I've been taking Max Bloc for the last month and can literally feel the difference afterward. I highly recommend this! Just pop them 20-30 mins before. Easy. :)

Jennifer Wells
Works Great

I've only been taking Max Bloc for a little over a week and it has helped me lose even more weight by supporting my keto diet. Definitely the best carb blocker I've ever come across!

Carb Blocker

So far so good, I’ve only been taking it for about a week and it has really helped with curbing my appetite. Along with diet and exercise I’m sure I’ll reach my goal in no time. It’s a good product and I will keep using it and see what results I will get.

Great Blocker!!!

I have been using the Carb Blocker for a few days now and it seems to be working well! Thank you!!

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Patented technology
Feel it working day 1

Max Bloc® Carb Blocker for Weight and Keto Support

Max Bloc® Carb Blocker has 10X carb-blocking power compared to traditional carb blockers and white kidney bean extract.

Max Bloc® Carb Blocker acts as a natural amylase inhibitor and prevents the amylase from digesting the starch, which means less starch is broken down and less calories from carbs are absorbed. 

 Established Science: Same Amount of Food, Less Calorie Absorption. 

Take 20-30 min before meal. 
You can eat the same amount of food, and enjoy much less calories with Max Bloc® Carb Blocker.  

What is Max BLOC® Carb Blocker?

It's NOT your ordinary carb blocker or some old school product dressed up in a new bottle. 

Max BLOC® is brand new and uses a patented process that makes it TEN TIMES stronger than the competition. 

1) The best way to reduce your carb intake? Don't eat carbs. 

2) The second best way? Max BLOC® Carb Blocker

Max BLOC® is made from a natural bean protein (phaseolus vulgaris) and has 100% of the lectins from the beans deactivated — so you don't have to deal with the typical side effects of other bean-based carb blockers. 

Max BLOC Carb Blocker capsules

How does Max BLOC® Carb Blocker work?

PureHMO and MaxBloc Carb Blocker

Max BLOC® bean protein binds with the enzyme that digests carbs — and stops starch from breaking down. 

This reduces the digestion of food starch in the small intestine and the amount of glucose and calories being generated and absorbed by the body. 

The undigested starch simply passes through the large intestine undigested — and is excreted — much like undigested fiber. 

This actually promotes the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. 

Max BLOC® uses only USDA Grade 1 beans grown in the United States — and it is produced and bottled right at our headquarters in Ithaca, NY inside our FDA-registered facility.

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