Diverse Fiber 16X Mix - Your Complete Fiber Source

  • SIXTEEN WHOLE FOODS: Diverse Fiber 16X Powder contains sixteen different powders in one from whole foods designed to provide soluble, insoluble, prebiotic, short chain, and long chain fiber as well as energy, vitamins, and nutrients. These essential fibers can support cleansing and detox.
  • SEVEN KINDS OF FIBERS: Why choose a single fiber product when you can take one capsule with seven kinds of fiber inside? Our powder has psyllium husk powder, oat fiber, oat bran fiber, chicory root powder, premium acacia fiber, organic apple peel powder, and pea fiber. Better than your typical wheatgrass supplements.
  • NINE ORGANIC GREENS: Not only do you get your essential fiber each day, you also get our supergreens complex including Organic Alfalfa Grass Powder, Organic Wheat Grass Powder, Organic Barley Grass Powder, Organic Lemon Juice Powder, Organic Kale Powder, Organic Astragalus 10:1 Extract, Organic Spirulina Powder, Organic Oat Grass Powder, and Organic Chlorella Powder. SuperGreen and organic so you can support digestion, get superfoods, and organify your life!
  • PROMOTE DIGESTIVE & OVERALL HEALTH: There are many probiotics, prebiotics, superfood blends and other products with big claims. But combining 9 green powders with 7 kinds of fiber can truly support reduction of symptoms such as bloating, constipation, excess gas, and other problems associated with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).
  • 1 TABLESPOON PER DAY, 20-DAY SUPPLY : Diverse Fiber 16X packs whole foods into one simple powder so you get the nutrients of a superfood powder or green powder, benefits of fiber powders aka fiber drinks, and the power to support your health all in one. Greens supplements and green superfood are all over the place now. But it's rare to find a greens supplement and fiber supplement combined.

Customer Reviews

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Diverse Fiber 16X Whole Food Fibers is the answer!!

I’ve been taking the Diverse Fiber powder for a few weeks now and I’m so glad I gave it a try. I first started taking the HMO (also a GREAT) and later found out about the fiber powder. It is a game changer for anyone who can’t get enough fiber through their diet. The taste is not overwhelming and quite smooth. I love it! Thank you Layer Origin for making excellent supplements!

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Diverse Fiber 16X

Power your life with the SIXTEEN whole foods packed into this greens and fiber powder from Layer Origin Nutrition.

We formulated this to deliver a diverse blend of fiber and a slew of green powders all-in-one so you can support your digestion and energy levels with just one scoop.


Promote superior digestive function with this blend of SEVEN types of fiber including soluble, insoluble, prebiotic, short chain, long chain and green fiber all-in-one.

Support beneficial bacteria in your gut like akkermansia muciniphila and bifidobacteria.

30 Servings of Super Greens
Plant Based Capsules

Boost your entire body with the vitamins and nutrients of kale, wheatgrass, spirulina and more!

This organic Super Greens complex is designed to fuel your every day adventures.

Supports energy production and weight management.

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