Super Concentrated Oat Bran Fiber Powder - Digestion Aid, Cholesterol Absorber

  • Fiber for Cholesterol: 100% oat bran supplement for cholesterol absorption and cholesterol reduction
  • 2.8X Strength: BranPure® contains 2.8X the amount of Oat Beta Glucan (28%) compare to other brands (only 5-10%)
  • Clinical Trials: The cholesterol-lowering health claim of oat bran powder is supported by over 1,000 studies 


Reduce Cholesterol

The oat beta-glucan helps absorb and reduce cholesterol

Aid Digestion

Concentrated soluble and insoluble fibers help with digestion and bowel movement

Super Concentrated

Contains 28% Beta-Glucan; other brands typically have 5%.

Neutral Taste

Tastes like oatmeal, and is great for an on-the-go breakfast

How It Works

Experts' Opinions on Oat Beta Glucan

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Frontiers in Nutrition 2019

"A significant body of evidence demonstrates that consumption of oat products is linked to a reduction in serum LDL cholesterol, a risk factor for the development of cardiovascular disease. Oats are a source of soluble fiber in the form of β-glucan (as well as arabinoxylan, xyloglucan, and other minor components), insoluble fiber, protein, lipids, phenolic compounds, vitamins, and minerals."

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"Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol that include 3.0 grams of soluble fiber from oat bran and other oat products per day may reduce the risk of heart disease. "

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ESFA - European Food Safety Authority

"Oat beta glucan has been shown to lower/reduce blood cholesterol. Blood cholesterol lowering may reduce the risk of heart disease. Consumption of beta-glucans from oats contributes to the reduction of the glucose rise after a meal."

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Health Canada

Oat fiber helps reduce/lower cholesterol, (which is) a risk factor for heart disease.

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Answers to commonly asked questions about BranPure™ Oat Bran Powder

Yes! You can mix BranPure® Powder right into water or any of your favorite beverages such as coffee, juice, or milk.

Oat β-glucans are water-soluble β-glucans derived from the endosperm of oat kernels known for their dietary contribution as components of soluble fiber. Due to their property to lower serum total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and potentially reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, oat β-glucans have been assigned a qualified health claim by the European Food Safety Authority and the US Food and Drug Administration.

It is best to take BranPure with meals so the oat soluble fiber can aid digestion and absorb the bad cholesterol from food. However, taking it right before a meal or after a meal also works, but may reduce the efficacy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
John Kirk
Makes me feel good.

Within an hour after taking a dose I feel better. I think that's because it improves what ever my intestines are doing and that makes a change in my blood chemistry. That's where my sense of well being comes from. This response is why I'm confident that the other potential benefits are probably happening too.

Great product

I found this product and have really enjoyed it...use in a protein shake as part of my cholesterol reduction efforts and really like this powder solution rather than a bowl of oatmeal every morning!
Also happy to support small businesses based out of Cornell! Go Big Red!

Casey B
Good fiber

Great addition to my diet.

Easy to prepare

This product is really easy to prepare, tastes more like oatmeal.