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PureHMO® Diverse Fiber Powder

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  • HMO 2'-FL Prebiotic: The prebiotic based on what mother nature puts into breast milk to build the infant gut lining and immune system. HMO provides similar benefits to adults — shown to increase Bifidobacterium and enhance butyrate production.
  • 7 Fiber Blend: psyllium husk powder, oat fiber, oat bran fiber, chicory root powder, premium acacia fiber, organic apple peels, pea fiber. 5000 mg of soluble, insoluble, prebiotic, long-chain, and short-chain fiber.
  • 9 Super Greens: alfalfa grass powder, wheatgrass powder, barley grass powder, lemon juice powder, kale powder, astragalus, spirulina powder, oat grass, chlorella powder  — the perfect daily supplement for energy, nutrition, vitamins, and minerals.


Digestive Support

Reduce bloating, constipation, excess gas, and other digestive issues

Diverse Fiber Sources

9 super greens to reduce oxidation stress plus 7 kinds of soluble and insoluble fibers

Quick Dissolving

Mixes easily in water

Immune Health

HMO is proven to support digestion, immunity and cognitive function.

How It Works

Experts' Opinions on Fiber Diversity

expert opinion review stars

'Food Nerd' — Trish Shea R.D.

"Each plant food has its own mix of different types of fiber that feeds its own unique set of microbes housed in the gut. This allows our microbes not only to grow, but to thrive. And when our microbes thrive, our health thrives."

"Food Nerd"

expert opinion review stars

Medical News Today

"Our health is closely linked to the diversity of microbes in our gut. Diet is a major player in determining which microbes take up residence in our guts long-term. A Western diet, high in fat and refined sugars but low in fiber, is thought to reduce microbial diversity."

expert opinion review stars

Microbiome Journal, Tracy L. Bale, M.D.

"It's the fiber, not the fat: significant effects of dietary challenge on the gut microbiome"

expert opinion review stars

Frontier Microbiology

"Adding Appropriate Fiber in Diet Increases Diversity and Metabolic Capacity of Distal Gut Microbiota"

HMOs Have Been Featured In:

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PureHMO Diverse Fiber contains 500 mg of HMO, while Diverse Fiber 16X does not include HMO.

Yes, PureHMO diverse Fiber may contain trace amount of wheat.

There are thousands of species of bacteria in your gut. They live on different kinds of foods. Diversifying the fiber intake can help them thrive and keep your gut healthy.

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I take the Diverse Fiber and Prebiotic every morning and have never felt better! It’s a permanent staple!