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PureHMO® Super Prebiotic Immune Capsule with Vitamin D + Zinc

  • HMO Super Prebiotic: scientific studies show the infant gut lining and immune system are built by a specific component of mother's milk called HMO. Research shows HMO supplementation also benefits adults in terms of digestion, immune response, and cognitive function. 
  • Triple Immune Support: The power of Vitamin D3 + HMO + Zinc to stimulate the innate immune system, block invasions, and reduce inflammation.
  • Bonus Super Greens: 9 amazing organic super greens to boost the immune system.


Defend Invasions

HMO inhibit the adhesion of microorganisms to the intestinal mucosa

Fight Pathogens

HMO promote probiotics growth and production of short-chain fatty acids, preventing colonization of pathogenic bacteria in the gut.

Steer Immune Response

HMO directly modulate and promote the immune responses for epithelium immune cells.

All-in-one Capsules

HMO 2'-FL, Vitamin D, and Zinc all in one

How It Works

Experts Opinion on HMO and Immune Health

expert opinion review stars

BEN GREENFIELD, BenGreenfield Podcast

"HMOs are helping to steer the gut towards immunity and steering the macrophages towards restoration of the gut lining — I actually know a lot of functional medicine doctors using this with their patients now."

expert opinion review stars

Nutrients, Aug. 2018

"The importance of HMOs may be explained by their inhibitory effects on the adhesion of microorganisms to the intestinal mucosa, the growth of pathogens through the production of bacteriocins and organic acids, and the expression of genes that are involved in inflammation."

expert opinion review stars

JOEL GREENE, The Author of Immunity Code

"What you're going to find with HMOs is that they are endemic to the formation of the immune system in the infant gut — and so HMOs have very, very strong presence informing immunity in the gut."

expert opinion review stars


"These beneficial bacteria (HMOS) produce short-chain fatty acids that prevent colonization of pathogenic bacteria in the gut. This bacteria (good bacteria promoted by HMOs) has been shown to set up the immune system."

HMOs Have Been Featured In:

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No. Our HMO is technically something referred to as HiMO, which stands for Human identical Milk Oligosaccharide. It is produced via a complex fermentation and precise purification process and results in a powder that is molecularly identical to the HMO that is in human milk. All the benefits without any human milk involved.

Believe it or not, it doesn't make a difference either way. This is because the HMO will not be digested the way that food would be digested. HMO makes its way undigested through your body down to the lower intestines, where it becomes the food for probiotic bacteria and help fight pathogens. So take HMO with food or without food. Either way is fine!

Vitamin D: 250% of daily value
Zinc: 100% of daily value

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Customer Reviews

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Cathy Theiss

Love these supplements!

Bibi Rahaman

I started taking this supplement about 2 weeks now and it appears to be helping me as advertised. I feel great knowing that I am taking a superior quality product. Thank you Beau for advising me in choosing the right product.