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BranPure® Oat Bran Powder for Cholesterol and Heart Health
PURITY: 100% oat bran supplement for cholesterol control and cholesterol reduction STRENGTH: BranPure™ contains 2.8X the amount of Oat Beta Glucan (28%) as other brands (10%) SOLUBLE FIBER: Each serving of BranPure contains 1.5g of soluble fiber Oat Beta Glucan ...
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BranPure™ Oat Bran Capsules for Cholesterol Reduction and Heart Health
PURITY: 100% Oat Bran Supplement for Cholesterol Control and Cholesterol Reduction STRENGTH: BranPure™ Oat Bran Contains 2.8X the Oat Beta Glucan (28%) Compared to Other Brands (10%) SOLUBLE FIBER: Each Serving of Bran Powder Contains 1.5g of Soluble Fiber Oat...
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