• How a Quality Prebiotic Can Help You Lose Weight

    How a Quality Prebiotic Can Help You Lose Weight

    According to emerging research, a healthy gut microbiome may be the hidden key to weight loss. While both probiotics and prebiotics play a crucial role in supporting a healthy gut, studies repeatedly show that prebiotics are a particularly useful tool when it comes to weight loss.
  • Start with a prebiotic instead of a probiotic

    Start with a prebiotic instead of a probiotic

    In reality, it's not advisable to randomly select just any probiotic off the shelf. Instead, it would be best if you started with a prebiotic. Why is starting with a prebiotic a better choice? We'll be answering that question and more in this article.
  • What is Akkermansia Muciniphila?

    What is Akkermansia Muciniphila?

    Akkermansia Muciniphila is a type of bacteria that can be found in the human gut microbiome. It's a beneficial microbe that nurture's the microbiome and can help to keep your gut healthy. Akkermansia is the sole member of Verrucomicrobia in the intestinal tract of humans and animals and is easy to detect, so its probiotic effects have been researched widely and robustly proven.1
  • I tried HMO prebiotics for a month and here's what happened

    I tried HMO prebiotics for a month and here's what happened

    To my surprise, it was actually working. I noticed differences in digestion immediately, and while it was nothing drastic, I could tell it was definitely helping.The key thing to remember here is that some of us have a longer road to travel.Perhaps our gut health and microbiome have become so disrupted and compromised that it may take longer to pick up all the pieces...
  • What is IBS?

    What is IBS?

    Many of us are not strangers to digestive upset — including bloating after a large meal, indigestion upon eating fried foods, or the occasional bout of bathroom trips after indulging in particularly spicy food. So it's no surprise that digestive aids such as acid reducers often lead over-the-counter drug sales in the United States. But the question stands - what is Irritable Bowel Syndrome...
  • What is Colostrum and what health benefits does it offer?

    What is Colostrum and what health benefits does it offer?

    Colostrum is gaining popularity in the wellness world—and for good reason. Produced by humans, cows, and other mammals, colostrum is a milk-like breast fluid that’s packed with nutrients. While this nutritious substance is biologically necessary for newborns, new research is emerging about the benefits of taking colostrum as an adult.
  • What Is the Daisy Cutter Diet?

    What Is the Daisy Cutter Diet?

    Joel Greene, author of The Immunity Code, a book about peak health, dieting, and supplementation, has created a protocol with the same name: “Daisy Cutter.”Perhaps the title of the diet comes from the goal of the protocol: to completely and rapidly recolonize your gut bacteria.Essentially, the goal is to "blow up" your current gut bacteria situation, and start over, with more beneficial bacteria. 
  • Should You Give Your Kids Prebiotics?

    Should You Give Your Kids Prebiotics?

    Prebiotics are like the fertilizer for probiotic bacteria.The reality is that billions of probiotics already reside in your child's gut. So why waste money on extra probiotics that might not even belong in their body?What you really need to provide is the food for the probiotics that are already in your child's gut (inherited from their mother when they were born via vaginal birth and/or through...
  • Should You Take Probiotics?

    Should You Take Probiotics?

    Have you ever stared a a grocery store shelf overwhelmed?You're in the health/fitness section and perhaps there's a refrigerator filled with colorful bottles of probiotics. Then, next to the fridge, there's a room temperature shelf holding rows of other probiotics. Some of these bottles might even say they have prebiotics inside as well.How do you know which one to buy? You probably shouldn't buy any of them ...
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