BREAKING: Targeted Immune serine protease inhibitor featured on WICZ-TV


It's not every day that your product ends up on the news. 

But that's exactly what happened earlier this month, when FOX 40 News (WICZ-TV) in New York decided to feature Layer Origin Natural Supplements and Targeted Immune in a report during their 6pm and 10pm newscasts

FOX 40 reporter Jessica Kisluk interviewed Layer Origin co-founder Beau Berman about the development of the company and the Targeted Immune supplement. 

So what IS this Targeted Immune?

Targeted immune is the world's first natural serine protease inhibitor extracted from common beans. It specifically targets invasion binding sites to protect the immune system.

Targeted Immune harnesses the power of bean seeds, protecting the human body in much the same way that beans protect themselves from disease and other potential invaders.

Targeted Immune is equivalent to 10g-20g of soybean or pea protein isolate. Layer Origin's patent-pending extraction technology preserves the bio-availability of the SERPINs. 

How does it work?

By binding to serine proteases or other targets, natural protease inhibitors display a vast range of properties that are beneficial for humans. The most commonly seen serine protease inhibitors are from soybeans (serpin) and dry beans.

These protease inhibitors can protect the plants from being attacked by invasions or bad germs (Literature: Plant Protease Inhibitors in Therapeutics Focus).

How is Targeted Immune created?

The dry beans are harvested and processed in the heartland of the United States. The natural serine protease inhibitor was enriched using a patent-pending method and using only water as the extraction solvent.

The pea protein isolate and soybean protein powder you buy from supplement stores contain natural serine protease inhibitors but only in very low concentrations.

peas and pea protein

Our technology enriches the serine protease inhibitor so each serving contains a similar amount of natural serine protease inhibitor as you would find in 10-20 g of pea protein or soybean protein isolate.

How does it help people?

It has been reported that the occurrence rates of breast, colon, and prostate abnormalities are lower in a population consuming a higher amount of seeds, like beans.

In addition, it has been reported that some bad germs invade the human body through serine protease-initiated reactions. Inhibiting the transmembrane serine protease can help defend some bad germs (Cell, March 2020).

Where can I purchase Targeted Immune?

Targeted Immune is available on Amazon and right here on our website under "SHOP."

If you order through the website before November 5th and use code BLOG at checkout, you can save 30% off your purchase of Targeted Immune!  






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